Technological Magick & Cybermancy – A Modern Spellcraft Paradigm

Techno/Cyber Magick

A more recent form of magickal craft has entered the scene and is becoming ever more prevalent. This craft is known by a variety of names but is most commonly known as cyber/techno-magick/mancy. For this article, it will simply be referred to as techno-magick. Different claims as to the origin of this craft have been made, the most common being witchcraft and chaos magick, however, techno-magick is practised by practitioners of many different schools and therefore is not limited to any particular school of magick. Techno magick, as the name suggests is the use of technology in a magickal craft. Since the craft is relatively new there is no set system, but is free and evolving at a rapid rate. In this article, some aspects and uses of cyber magick will be discussed in terms of how the magickal community has been using it. This must not be confused with the “Information Model of Cyber Magick” as described by various practitioners including Frater U.D. in ‘High Magick’, where the universal force of magickal energy is described as data or information which can be programmed. Instead, this article discusses the use and application of technology. (more…)