Crystal Energy – The Science Behind the Gem


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– Introduction –

Crystals are among the most common tools used in the esoteric practice of the modern age. Most esoteric practices and philosophies utilise crystals in some way or another, from New Age movements to ancient occult magicians. These gems have fascinated humanity since its early forms of civil development and shamanism. Their innate beauty, craft ability, and chemical compositions have created a great demand for them, for all manner of functions. From storing data in silicone, focusing light through a ruby for a laser, crystal detectors in radio receivers, or simply to harvest and refine wanted chemicals. Alongside the obvious decorative and technological value of the materials of earth, they have also been revered by humanity as a source of, for the lack of a better word, metaphysical energy. Each stone is attributed to certain energies which have either physical, energetic, spiritual or a combination of these properties intrinsic to them. For very many years this view of crystal energy has been disregarded as superstition, however, some conventional academic individuals have made it their mission to uncover the truth behind this phenomenon. This research has shed some valuable light on crystal energy, only to confirm its ability to energise the vitality of the organic body. This article will take a brief look at the world of crystals and their spiritual applications. Also, the scientific validity of healing with crystals, also known as lithotherapy will be discussed. (more…)

Plant Consciousness & Perception – The Science Behind the Slow Living

In 1966, Cleve Backster, an FBI agent focusing on interrogation and the use of polygraphs had quite a surprise when he placed PGR (psychogalvanic-reflex electrodes) at the leaf of a plant in his office. His discovery paved the way for further inquiry into the possibility of plant consciousness and how they react and perceive the outside world. His discovery soon turned into an obsession and urge to conduct further research on the topic, after which he looked and behaved differently toward the plant world. What Backster found is that plants are much more aware of the environment than we previously believed, to the extent that plants even react to human thoughts alone. This concept of intelligent or conscious plants is not new to human thinking, in fact, shamanism has been dealing with this concept since the early days of humanity. (more…)

{SpiritMonkey Video} – How Dowsing Works – Pendulum & Rod

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{SpiritMonkey} – How Dowsing Works – Pendulum & Rod

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{SpiritMonkey} – How Dowsing Works – Pendulum & Rod

Dowsing for water is one of the oldest forms of divination. This practice is universal as it can be found in a large variety of cultures the world over.

Dowsing by means of pendulum or rod has not vanished with the coming of the Age of Enlightenment and science. In fact, it has only grown in practice and is still used to this day in various military, industry and scientific fields.

The force behind dowsing is widely debated, in terms of its validity and how it works. This video explains what dowsing is used for, how it works and who uses it.


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On Symbolism, the Occult, New Age, and Fear.

Conventional religion being predictable and accepted in society has been making way for a new movement of spirituality in western society. A spiritual movement that is loosely lumped into the category of the new age movement. This is very arbitrarily categorised because of the obvious diversity within the movement and the sources used for information and inspiration symbolising its meaning. Accompanying the ‘New Age’ is a vast collection of different symbols and teachings that were previously thought of as being occult, or at least from a western perspective seen as such. Ironically, the ‘Love’ being shared by the ever growing ‘New Age’ is often rejected and feared by many. (more…)

The Formation of Earth and Life – The Accepted Theory

By fire, water, earth and air mother earth was formed. This mighty and unique planet was personified as Gaia by the Greeks of antiquity and her formation has been one of the primary mysteries of the ages. As science expanded into what it is today, humanity has uncovered many of the mysteries regarding the earth’s creation, however, many details continue to be debated and remain for the most part unsolved. The basic principles of Gaia’s creation and her ever-changing form is understood for the most part. In Hesiod’s Theogony, the marriage of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky) led to the birth of the twelve Titans, the Cyclopes and the Hecatonchires (Hundred Handed Ones). It is this marriage of Earth and Sky, that is responsible for all life on earth as we know it. The myths of creation are colourful and diverse, but so too is the conventional science of how earth and life started. This article explores the formation of planet earth in terms of conventional science. The processes that earth endured to shape it, along with the prevalence of life and it’s origin will be discussed. (more…)

Video – {SpiritMonkey} – The Science & Power of Crystal Healing

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The Science & Power of Crystal Healing

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{SpiritMonkey} – The Science & Power of Crystal Healing

Crystals have been revered by humanity for millennia. Since early shamanism, crystals have been used in healing practice and other mystical arts.

In modern society, we use crystals in our everyday environment for a variety of reasons, such as storing data on computers and tapping into radio stations.

By using modern scientific methods, crystals have been shown to emit stimulate biophoton activity in organic matter. From the smallest cells to the entire human energetic body can be vitalised with the power of crystals.

This video takes a look at the amazing world of crystal energy and light.

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Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection

Dreams have fascinated mankind for millennia in both spiritual practice and scientific research. Probably the most famous figure in current times who tried to get a greater understanding of dreams is Carl Jung. Carl Jung focused much of his work on the conscious and sub-conscious mind, how they interact and how can we interpret the data. The dream realm is a fun place more than anything, but once you have learned how to focus energy and intent into specific aspects of your dreams, you will be greatly rewarded and spiritually empowered. Here are some basic ways of improving your dream quality and frequency, which should lead to lucid dreaming and astral projection.