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Creating a Personal Ritual – Part 1 {Audio}

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We have ritualised our lives not simply on a spiritual level, but in all facets of it. We conduct rituals in the name of our deities, self-improvement, health, cycles of time, major events, new life, inevitable death and countless more. It provides humanity with an expression.

A personal ritual is a ritual or behaviour that is designed by the user itself. In this way, the personal power of whoever is creating and using the ritual is expressed. This ritual is then authentic to the true individualism of the practitioner.

This video (Part 1) discusses the basic requirements of a personal ritual and includes the use of linguistic, artistic and visualisation factors that can be used to create a spell such a ritual or spell.

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Primary Models of Magic – Where Does Magikal Energy Come From

The models of Magik outline various ways in which magikal energy is gained and utilised. There is a variety of models or paradigms stretching back from antiquity and continuing development into modern day.

Three primary models/paradigms of Magik are used to define specific ways in which magikal craft is achieved. The main question that each model attempts to answer is ‘Where does the power of the spell come from?’

These are the Consciousness or Psychological model, the Energy Model and the Spirit Model. Each paradigm is either used in its pure form, neglecting the value of the others, while most practitioners of magikal arts utilise all three models.

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PS. Below is a Transcription of the Video.