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Creating a Personal Ritual – Part 3 {Audio}

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We have ritualised our lives not simply on a spiritual level, but in all facets of it. We conduct rituals in the name of our deities, self-improvement, health, cycles of time, major events, new life, inevitable death and countless more. It provides humanity with an expression.

A personal ritual is a ritual or behaviour that is designed by the user itself. In this way, the personal power of whoever is creating and using the ritual is expressed. This ritual is then authentic to the true individualism of the practitioner.

This video (Part 3) will focus on physical objects in particular. These items carry within them innate energies and psychological reinforcement for the user. These objects come in great variety and can be found in all shapes and sizes. Many of the objects can be seen in conventional religion, occult, esoteric and pagan ritualism.


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Sigil Magick – What it is & How to use it

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Sigil Magick – What it is & How to use it

Sigil Magick is a creative practice and method of spellcraft. Modern sigil magick is concerned with the creation of one’s own personal sigils, unlike traditional sigils commonly used in ritual magick.

This video discusses sigils in terms of what they are, how they work, how to create a sigil and how to use it for personal magickal practice. Three methods of sigil craft are discussed here as described by the Chaos Magick practitioner Peter J. Carroll. These are the Word method, Pictorial method and Mantrical method.

This video highlights the steps to take when creating either of these sigils, followed by an exercise that you can use to charge and banish the sigil.

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