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– Introduction –

Crystals are among the most common tools used in the esoteric practice of the modern age. Most esoteric practices and philosophies utilise crystals in some way or another, from New Age movements to ancient occult magicians. These gems have fascinated humanity since its early forms of civil development and shamanism. Their innate beauty, craft ability, and chemical compositions have created a great demand for them, for all manner of functions. From storing data in silicone, focusing light through a ruby for a laser, crystal detectors in radio receivers, or simply to harvest and refine wanted chemicals. Alongside the obvious decorative and technological value of the materials of earth, they have also been revered by humanity as a source of, for the lack of a better word, metaphysical energy. Each stone is attributed to certain energies which have either physical, energetic, spiritual or a combination of these properties intrinsic to them. For very many years this view of crystal energy has been disregarded as superstition, however, some conventional academic individuals have made it their mission to uncover the truth behind this phenomenon. This research has shed some valuable light on crystal energy, only to confirm its ability to energise the vitality of the organic body. This article will take a brief look at the world of crystals and their spiritual applications. Also, the scientific validity of healing with crystals, also known as lithotherapy will be discussed. (more…)

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The Science & Power of Crystal Healing

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{SpiritMonkey} – The Science & Power of Crystal Healing

Crystals have been revered by humanity for millennia. Since early shamanism, crystals have been used in healing practice and other mystical arts.

In modern society, we use crystals in our everyday environment for a variety of reasons, such as storing data on computers and tapping into radio stations.

By using modern scientific methods, crystals have been shown to emit stimulate biophoton activity in organic matter. From the smallest cells to the entire human energetic body can be vitalised with the power of crystals.

This video takes a look at the amazing world of crystal energy and light.

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