Rune Casting – Divination With Norse Runes/Futhark

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Rune casting is a popular method of divination passed down from Norse antiquity. Using the rune letters or Futhark of northern European traditions, a runester or rune caster uses this divination method in a variety of ways.

Rune casting is a very open system and personal adaptations are welcomed, which are not alway considered correct in other divinatory systems. It is nondogmatic.

In this video, a brief look is given at the rune casting system, mythology and methods of divining.

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Divination – Types & Common Methods

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Divination – Types & Common Methods (Link)

Divination is one of the most prevalent of occult and magick practices. The diversity of the art is immense, as it has been performed by tribes and cultures from all around the world since our very early human history. The divinatory arts has only expanded since then, along with advanced classification systems in order to get a clearer picture of the practice.

Divination is the act of trying to interpret or gain insight into the past, present and future events which are not present to the normal senses. Visions and spiritual communication is common in this field and is therefore considered to be of the utmost importance to spiritual practitioners.

In this video, I will discuss the typical classifications of divination, along with a brief look at the history and methods of common divination methods.


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Sigil Magick – What it is & How to use it

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Sigil Magick – What it is & How to use it

Sigil Magick is a creative practice and method of spellcraft. Modern sigil magick is concerned with the creation of one’s own personal sigils, unlike traditional sigils commonly used in ritual magick.

This video discusses sigils in terms of what they are, how they work, how to create a sigil and how to use it for personal magickal practice. Three methods of sigil craft are discussed here as described by the Chaos Magick practitioner Peter J. Carroll. These are the Word method, Pictorial method and Mantrical method.

This video highlights the steps to take when creating either of these sigils, followed by an exercise that you can use to charge and banish the sigil.

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The Power of the Mind – Basic Reason & Instruction of Psychic Empowerment (For the Beginner)


The power of our mind is indescribable in it’s full glory. It is by utilising the mind that mystic groups of the West enhance their psychic ability and spiritual connection. This article discusses why we alter the state of mind for psychic development and also provides some basic psychic empowerment techniques. These techniques are designed to ready the mind for psychic ability and are not for any advanced practitioner or member of a specific esoteric school. If you do ascribe to a school of magic or empowerment, I implore you to rather keep to your original chosen track. A specific school will always provide a good set of instructions for its purposes. (more…)

Death as a Part of Life – Accepting and Transcending the Inevitable

The greatest mystery for most continues to be our inevitable death. Many fear this concept and try their best to avoid the topic until the day of their passing. It is never easy to think about death and even less so to embrace it. Some people are fine with the idea of their own passing, while the thought of a loved one shedding their mortal coils terrifies all. This is understandable, for the sheer image of Archangel Azrael, Santa Muerte, the Grim Reaper and other beings of death is overwhelming enough for many to look away quickly. Death continues to shake up feelings within humanity that most prefer to leave out of sight and mind. Humanity has devised unique and fascinating ways in order to revere the dead. The sheer diversity of burial and honouring the dead is immense. However, to many spiritually inclined persons, the understanding of their own temporarily can aid in giving them a purpose to life. In this article, various ways in which human society deals with death will be discussed, along with a spiritual application of this great inevitability.

“Everything you have ever seen, every rock, every flower, every bird will pass away and turn to dust, but the fact that you have seen it will never pass away” – Kabbalah Teachings (more…)

Cartomancy – A Brief History of the Tarot in Divination

The history of divinatory Tarot is vague, debated, and largely based on belief rather than historical evidence. Some claim its origin may lie in medieval card games while others claim that is far older and hidden within the divinatory rites of ancient Egyptian and Kabbalistic mystic schools. This popular form of cartomancy is common and well known to most mystics or spiritual persons. Over the years, it has developed into what we know it to be today, continually adapting and changing its structure and methods of divination. This article takes a look at the development of tarot cartomancy throughout history, including its alterations and use in divination. (more…)

Fear of the ‘New Age’ – Occult Wisdom in Modern Spiritual Thought

Conventional religion has been making way for a new movement of spirituality in western society. A spiritual movement that is loosely lumped into the category of the new age movement. This is very arbitrarily categorised because of the obvious diversity within the movement and the sources used for information and inspiration symbolising its meaning, goals and beliefs. Accompanying the ‘New Age’ is a vast collection of different symbols and teachings that were previously thought of as being occult, or at least from a western perspective seen as such. Ironically, the ‘Love’ being shared by the ever growing ‘New Age’ is often rejected and feared by many. This article takes a look at the fear driven backlash towards the ‘New Age’ movement, alongside the vague origin of this movement. (more…)