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– Introduction –

Crystals are among the most common tools used in the esoteric practice of the modern age. Most esoteric practices and philosophies utilise crystals in some way or another, from New Age movements to ancient occult magicians. These gems have fascinated humanity since its early forms of civil development and shamanism. Their innate beauty, craft ability, and chemical compositions have created a great demand for them, for all manner of functions. From storing data in silicone, focusing light through a ruby for a laser, crystal detectors in radio receivers, or simply to harvest and refine wanted chemicals. Alongside the obvious decorative and technological value of the materials of earth, they have also been revered by humanity as a source of, for the lack of a better word, metaphysical energy. Each stone is attributed to certain energies which have either physical, energetic, spiritual or a combination of these properties intrinsic to them. For very many years this view of crystal energy has been disregarded as superstition, however, some conventional academic individuals have made it their mission to uncover the truth behind this phenomenon. This research has shed some valuable light on crystal energy, only to confirm its ability to energise the vitality of the organic body. This article will take a brief look at the world of crystals and their spiritual applications. Also, the scientific validity of healing with crystals, also known as lithotherapy will be discussed.

– Array of Crystals –

Crystals are used in too wide a variety of ways to mention here. We use them in modern technology for almost all our requirements in one form or another. Such as storing and retrieving data in computing, crystal detectors in old radios and other technologies, biological protein analysis, studying the actions of light and much more. Currently, we know of roughly 3800 different minerals with particular chemical and physical structure. As stated in ‘Minerals’ – by the Britannica Educational Publishing, ‘Such compounds may be relatively simple, as in a deposit of gold (Au), or they may be relatively complex combinations of several elements, as in the phosphate mineral turquoise (CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)*4H20).’ Additionally, it is stated that ‘All minerals are solids and occur as crystals, and the ordered arrangements of repeating molecules generate the mineral’s crystal form. Since the chemistry of each mineral is different, no two minerals can produce the same crystals.’ The formation of every crystal is determined by the minerals available when it forms, the pressure being exerted upon it and the temperature of where it is formed. This means that even though the same minerals are used, the pressure and temperature will yield different crystal growth. For example in the case of carbon, either becoming coal or diamond depending on pressure and temperature influences. Each crystal, therefore, contains a structure unique to them, including the type of received and transmitted energy.


– Spirituality & Crystals –

As mentioned before, the use of crystals in spiritual groups is commonplace. As with the shamans and mystics of old, modern humanity continues to be drawn to the beauty, power and intrigue of crystals for all manners of use. In spiritual practice, this is often seen in varieties of crystal healing, energy work, psychic empowerment, ritual practice, talismans and pendulums to name just a few. The common belief is that each particular crystal contains within them unique properties and energies that can benefit the human body and energy system. The crystals act either as a charm which transmutes energy in the area or affects the human body and energy system in a particular manner. Modern crystal research has confirmed that lithotherapy or crystal healing has a valid application that transcends the placebo effect. As for many of the spiritual applications not concerned with body vitality, science has still to explore. From my own personal experience and energy work, I have come to firmly recognise the capability of crystals to transcend the physical. Crystals certainly seem to have powerful effects on spiritual, ritual or psychic matters. Another common use of crystals in mysticism is for divination in the form of crystal gazing. The crystal mirror or ball acts as a divinatory tool to perceive other places, times and outcomes. Or as a tool for communicating with other people or entities. This article, however, is more orientated toward the energetic use of crystals, rather than their magical use, so let us move on to the science of lithotherapy.

– Lithotherapy & Science –

Lithotherapy in the modern age continues to be on the receiving end of much scepticism and ridicule. However, as Dr Michael König, an experienced physicist who has researched this phenomenon states, “The findings of modern physics confirm theses purely intuitive feelings that we have when looking at a crystal or gemstone. This is because we now know that the atoms by which all matter is constructed, are arranged in a regular and organised manner in crystals” – The Little Quantum Temple: Self-Healing with modern Physics. He thus argues that the intuitive mystic dealing with crystals simply has the ability to sense these energies, which modern physics has helped to confirm. The images here illustrate what happens to light when it enters a crystal. As Dr König again states, “Quite simply – if light particles (in general the photons) penetrate a crystal, they can be reflected by the regular and parallel layers of arranged atoms within the crystal.” He explains that before photons enter a crystalline structure, they are sporadic or incoherent. This means that the alignments or peaks and troughs of the waves are not regular or ordered. When the photons enter the crystal, the regular geometric spacing of the crystalline structure begins to alter the photon waves. Once the photons become arranged within the crystal, it emits coherent corresponding waves. Thus the energy becomes harmonious.


It is these transmuted waves that affect the human system. To test the effect of the altered waves upon the body, Dr König explored what is known as biophoton activity. As he explains, “I found the key to physical understanding of the energising results of crystalline structures in the findings of modern biophysics. In biological organisms there exists coherent electromagnetic fields – biophotons, which control the chemical metabolic processes in the cells.” The health of cells within the body can be directly compared to its biophoton activity. The biophoton activity is measured using a variety of biophysical and photographic methods illustrating the energetic value of the cells. The difference in before and after lithotherapy is clear. After a mere couple of minutes of lithotherapy, the biophoton radiation measured from the cells increase significantly. This means that the cells have an increased vitality and capability to perform its function. There are more effects continually being discovered by Dr König and other academics. As her states, “Others have found through the application of dark field microscopy that by using the influence of natural diamonds the blood picture improved – clumped red blood cells separated and started moving freely again.” When used correctly, Dr Königstates that the body’s overall vitality can be rebalanced, enhanced and healed.

– Conclusion –

In conclusion, it is clear that modern science illustrates the validity of crystal healing and energy transfer, instead of disproving it. As for advanced psychic and spiritual uses of crystals, I believe it will be some time before science is fully capable and accepting and understanding the true value of these precious stones compared to the mystic. By having science and psychism word together more amazing possibilities of future technology and spiritual wisdom can be unlocked. Otherwise, there is only conflict and confusion. Finding alternative methods of healing in this century is not simply required, but inevitable as we evolve in technology and spirit on this planet. Currently, we are heading in that direction, towards the tipping point of enlightened thought in both science and spirit. Let us keep our minds open to the unseen wonders of this world and we will find the answers yet.

Reference List:

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