Month: March 2017

Animal & Spirit Familiars – An Overview

The Natural World & Magickal Practice


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Animal & Spirit Familiars – An Overview (Video Transcription)


The natural world and mysticism have walked hand in hand since the early stages shamanic thought. From this relationship of human and nature, we have greatly advanced on both the fronts of science and spirituality. Our relationship with the natural world and its creatures have greatly shaped what the world is like today. This relationship is not merely material, but also spiritual. Much of the spiritual movements today, whether new or resurrected are directly linked to nature and its reverence. The use of animals or animal spirits as guides, companions and even deities is commonly found in various religious, philosophical and occult text and practice. This article will discuss the concept of an animal familiar used in magickal practice. This article will discuss what they are and the ways in which the magickal community perceives and uses them. Since many forms of spirit guides and beings exist, this article will be limited to the animal familiar concept in particular.

What are familiars: