Sigil Magick – What it is & How to use it

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Sigil Magick – What it is & How to use it

Sigil Magick is a creative practice and method of spellcraft. Modern sigil magick is concerned with the creation of one’s own personal sigils, unlike traditional sigils commonly used in ritual magick.

This video discusses sigils in terms of what they are, how they work, how to create a sigil and how to use it for personal magickal practice. Three methods of sigil craft are discussed here as described by the Chaos Magick practitioner Peter J. Carroll. These are the Word method, Pictorial method and Mantrical method.

This video highlights the steps to take when creating either of these sigils, followed by an exercise that you can use to charge and banish the sigil.

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  1. I played your video and it was very helpful. Usually I do hypersigils; however I need to go back to the basics because there’s a lot that I went past without practising it thoroughly enough.
    After you looked at my homepage i decided to reword it so that it’s clear I’m interested in chaos magic fact as well as fiction. ( Apologies if that sounds creepy- I am going through a silly stage of analysing stats too much at the moment !)


    1. I’m glad you found it helpful. This method of sigil craft is effective in my experience, however, is not the only way in my opinion.

      The world and methods of magick is too diverse to state that one way works and the other does not… that is Dogma.

      I create many sigils/symbols that are not charged in the conventional way and destroyed, but rather I put some of them up somewhere visible to have a constant reminder. I believe this to also affect the sub-conscious mind (perhaps to a lesser extent than typical sigil craft) along with the conscious. Either way, it can be effective.

      So do not worry too much about going back and altering the way that you have become are used to. Growth is more powerful than reverting your methods I am sure you know, however, give it a shot and I would love to know how it has worked for you.

      Keep Well,

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