Month: December 2016

The Power of the Mind – Basic Reason & Instruction of Psychic Empowerment (For the Beginner)


The power of our mind is indescribable in it’s full glory. It is by utilising the mind that mystic groups of the West enhance their psychic ability and spiritual connection. This article discusses why we alter the state of mind for psychic development and also provides some basic psychic empowerment techniques. These techniques are designed to ready the mind for psychic ability and are not for any advanced practitioner or member of a specific esoteric school. If you do ascribe to a school of magic or empowerment, I implore you to rather keep to your original chosen track. A specific school will always provide a good set of instructions for its purposes. (more…)

Death as a Part of Life – Accepting and Transcending the Inevitable

The greatest mystery for most continues to be our inevitable death. Many fear this concept and try their best to avoid the topic until the day of their passing. It is never easy to think about death and even less so to embrace it. Some people are fine with the idea of their own passing, while the thought of a loved one shedding their mortal coils terrifies all. This is understandable, for the sheer image of Archangel Azrael, Santa Muerte, the Grim Reaper and other beings of death is overwhelming enough for many to look away quickly. Death continues to shake up feelings within humanity that most prefer to leave out of sight and mind. Humanity has devised unique and fascinating ways in order to revere the dead. The sheer diversity of burial and honouring the dead is immense. However, to many spiritually inclined persons, the understanding of their own temporarily can aid in giving them a purpose to life. In this article, various ways in which human society deals with death will be discussed, along with a spiritual application of this great inevitability.

“Everything you have ever seen, every rock, every flower, every bird will pass away and turn to dust, but the fact that you have seen it will never pass away” – Kabbalah Teachings (more…)