Mother Earth – Wheel of the Year – Wiccan & Pagan – Sabbats Explained

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Mother Earth – Sabbats Explained

{SpiritMonkey} – Mother Earth – Wheel of the Year – Wiccan & Pagan – Sabbats Explained

Mother Earth – Nature & Magic – The Eight Sabbats in Wicca and Neo-Paganism

In spiritual practice concerning mother earth, it is important to understand her place, cycles, and workings. By understanding the rhythmic swing of mother earth in rotation around the sun, a complete perspective is gained in knowing her laws.

Many Wicca, Neo-Pagan, New-Age Spiritualists and other Esoteric and Mystery schools use an Anglo-Saxon and Celtic inspired solar cycle. This is called the ‘wheel of the year’ among many other names and contain the eight Sabbats or key points in the solar cycles.

This calendar is used for all practical purposes for earth inspired spiritual and magical arts. For the purposes of convenience, this video discusses the Sabbats of Wicca due to its close connection to earth-orientated magic. This video provides a brief explanation of every Sabbat in terms of origin, symbol, history and magical practice.

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