Month: November 2016

Cartomancy – A Brief History of the Tarot in Divination

The history of divinatory Tarot is vague, debated, and largely based on belief rather than historical evidence. Some claim its origin may lie in medieval card games while others claim that is far older and hidden within the divinatory rites of ancient Egyptian and Kabbalistic mystic schools. This popular form of cartomancy is common and well known to most mystics or spiritual persons. Over the years, it has developed into what we know it to be today, continually adapting and changing its structure and methods of divination. This article takes a look at the development of tarot cartomancy throughout history, including its alterations and use in divination. (more…)

Fear of the ‘New Age’ – Occult Wisdom in Modern Spiritual Thought

Conventional religion has been making way for a new movement of spirituality in western society. A spiritual movement that is loosely lumped into the category of the new age movement. This is very arbitrarily categorised because of the obvious diversity within the movement and the sources used for information and inspiration symbolising its meaning, goals and beliefs. Accompanying the ‘New Age’ is a vast collection of different symbols and teachings that were previously thought of as being occult, or at least from a western perspective seen as such. Ironically, the ‘Love’ being shared by the ever growing ‘New Age’ is often rejected and feared by many. This article takes a look at the fear driven backlash towards the ‘New Age’ movement, alongside the vague origin of this movement. (more…)

Primary Models of Magic – Where Does Magikal Energy Come From

The models of Magik outline various ways in which magikal energy is gained and utilised. There is a variety of models or paradigms stretching back from antiquity and continuing development into modern day.

Three primary models/paradigms of Magik are used to define specific ways in which magikal craft is achieved. The main question that each model attempts to answer is ‘Where does the power of the spell come from?’

These are the Consciousness or Psychological model, the Energy Model and the Spirit Model. Each paradigm is either used in its pure form, neglecting the value of the others, while most practitioners of magikal arts utilise all three models.

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Witchcraft – The Eigthfold Path to the Center

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Witchcraft – The Eightfold Path to the Center

The resurrectionist of Wicca in the 20th century, Gerald Gardner, outlined an Eightfold Path to the Center and Five Essentials concerning magikal craft.

The Eightfold Path illustrates a variety of ways in which magic is performed and states of consciousness reached for psychic ability. The Five Essentials refer to important factors to take into account when performing any magikal rite.

This must not be confused with the Eighfold Path in Buddhism, as the Wiccan version is very different. Gerald Gardner created a solid foundation for Wicca in the 20th century, by using pre-Christian witchcraft, Freemasonry, Golden Dawn, and others to formulate what is known today as Gardenian Witchcraft.

This video takes a look at the Eightfold Path to the Center and the Five Essentials of modern Wiccan spell-craft.


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Nature & Magic – The Primary Elements in Druidry

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{SpiritMonkey} – Nature & Magic – The Primary Elements in Druidry

Mother Earth – Nature & Magic

Druidry makes use of multiple elemental systems. The primary system of the Druids is a three element system. In the teachings of the First Triad, the ‘elements of nature’ are explained.

It is these elements that make up the typical druidic color system used as decoration and adornment. White, Blue and Green.

In the Druidic mysteries, it is believed that all forms of manifestation are a combination of these elements. One element is always the most dominant within a manifestation.

This video discusses the basic fundamentals of the three primary elements, namely Nwfre, Gwyar and Calas.


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The Seven Hermetic Principles – The Kybalion

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{SpiritMonkey} – The Seven Hermetic Principles – The Kybalion

Many modern day mystics attribute a great portion of their understanding of philosophy and spirituality to the study of Hermetic philosophies of ancient Greece and Egypt.

This philosophy is where much of modern occultism draws inspiration and knowledge from. The hermetic teachings have evolved over time and remain a revered source of knowledge for many mystics the world over.

The basic principles of Hermetic Philosophy are best described in a book called The Kybalion by ‘Three Initiates’, which was first published by The Yogi Publication Society in 1908.

Within the Kybalion, the basic Seven Hermetic Principles are described namely, the principles of Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect and lastly Gender.

As stated in the Kybalion, “The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open.”

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Mother Earth – Wheel of the Year – Wiccan & Pagan – Sabbats Explained

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Mother Earth – Sabbats Explained

{SpiritMonkey} – Mother Earth – Wheel of the Year – Wiccan & Pagan – Sabbats Explained

Mother Earth – Nature & Magic – The Eight Sabbats in Wicca and Neo-Paganism

In spiritual practice concerning mother earth, it is important to understand her place, cycles, and workings. By understanding the rhythmic swing of mother earth in rotation around the sun, a complete perspective is gained in knowing her laws.

Many Wicca, Neo-Pagan, New-Age Spiritualists and other Esoteric and Mystery schools use an Anglo-Saxon and Celtic inspired solar cycle. This is called the ‘wheel of the year’ among many other names and contain the eight Sabbats or key points in the solar cycles.

This calendar is used for all practical purposes for earth inspired spiritual and magical arts. For the purposes of convenience, this video discusses the Sabbats of Wicca due to its close connection to earth-orientated magic. This video provides a brief explanation of every Sabbat in terms of origin, symbol, history and magical practice.

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