Mother Earth – Nature & Magic (Announcement)

Hello Everyone,

and welcome to SpiritMonkey.


I would like to announce that SpiritMonkey will be working on a project over the next couple of weeks. Mother Earth – Nature & Magic.

The project is in honor of mother earth. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be bringing you closer to understanding how mother earth functions, her processes, and the subtle magic that envelopes her beyond our normal sense.

The aim is to educate and open minds. Today, even more than in the past, people are shifting to spiritual and esoteric practices in their quest for higher knowledge and understanding.

Many want to know how to manipulate certain forces of nature and the universe in a magical sense. This is good news for all that I am concerned, however, I find that many wish to alter the natural processes without understanding how it works. Many simply jump into magical practice, without understanding the physical process involved.

For example, how can one learn geomancy, hydromancy and other forms of magical manipulation if one does not understand how the geosphere and hydrosphere work in the first place? Another example is people’s yearning to connect and communicate with fauna and flora, before again understanding much of the creature itself. This creates a

It is because of this clear interest in the workings of earth, its standard processes, and hidden forces, that SpiritMonkey will provide a basis for its understanding. By bringing forth both scientific and spiritual knowledge of planet earth, a new way of looking at Gaia will arise.

Nature – The Catalyst

Nature itself has been an obsession of mine since earliest memory and having worked in the field as a safari guide and field officer, I have given myself over to her embrace.

It was by spending so much time away from the human world, that I personally reclaimed my spiritual and magical way of thinking. The wilderness does not simply provide a pretty picture, but also the questions and answers to many of life’s riddles.

Within nature, one is more in tune to the essence of spirit itself. It is a well-known phenomenon that those who spend excessive stints in wilderness report increased amounts of interesting phenomena. This includes energy perception, increased intuition, astral projection and other fantastic phenomena that so many struggles to grasp.

In this way, nature serves as a catalyst for subtle energies to enter the mind and body, opening up a whole new realm of perception and personal wisdom. It is in honor of these experiences that were provided to me by mother earth that I intend to share my collection of knowledge and experience.

In the wise words of David AttenboroughDavid Att.png

I share this belief. That is why over the next couple of weeks, I will provide a basis for understanding the function of nature on a  scientific level and a spiritual level.

Keep a lookout.

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Keep Well,


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