Wheels of Time – A Rosicrucian Daily Cycle of Self Mastery

The plane of time continues to slip our grasp both mentally and physically. A basic understanding of this phenomena has humanity contempt, however, this process that the Titan Chronos brings forth is riddled still, with questioned unanswered. We look to scientific theory, philosophy and the celestial clockwork in which we spin for answers. In our quest for reason, we aim to have a mastery over it. The reflection of time past, the feeling of now, and the uncertainty of where it leads remains one of humanities greatest challenges. We wish to understand our temporary experience and our its place in time. In science, mysticism and philosophy a primary goal is to predict its outcome.

This article will take a brief look at how humanity has broken down even the daily cycle into unique and segmented vibrations. With its own cycle, each day and part of it has its own mood and influence upon the happenings of earth and probable outcome. From a primarily Rosicrucian perspective, as explained by the reputable H.Spencer Lewis, this article provides insight into the influences within daily cycles.

In our quest for understanding and predicting the future, humanity has looked toward the heavens, the sun, moon, planets and stars. Astrologers wish to understand the subtle influences in this movement through space, and with it predict the possibilities of the future. Others claim clairvoyance and lay down prophesy of detailed events, while many intuitively divine with tarot and scrying. One thing is for certain, the truth behind the claims remains at times arbitrary, and in other times may seem rather accurate.

These cycles range in timescales from many thousands of years, all the way down to segments within a single day. This breaking down of daily time into cycles is not merely reserved for Rosicrucian teachings, but far eastern philosophy and energy practice also identifies a daily chi-cycle. In this chi-cycle, certain times of day correspond to specific organs and energy pathways within the body. Each phase in this cycle promotes healing of the specific organ and also brings forth the mental and emotional states attributed to the specific organ.

According to the Rosicrucian author, H. Spencer Lewis, there is a cosmic rhythm and cycle to life. In his book, Self Mastery and Fate With the Cycles of Life, Lewis explains how humans are affected by the rhythms of time. He states that these rhythms are seprated into seven, which is applied to a variety of time frames and aspects of life. The cycles he discusses range from, earth, human, business, disease, sex, soul and other cycles prevalent in the human experience. He states that these periods affect the human being and events in life in certain ways. It is by understanding the effects of these cycles and acting in accordance with them that one gains a form of mastery over life as. Man as a free agent can either be ignorant of the rhythms of the cosmos and life, or ultilize it as Lewis claims. Lewis himself has acted as advisor for many respected members of society on all manner of affairs, especially in business.

Lewis explains that each day is separated into seven distinct periods with unique effects on daily life, including business, travel, writing, advertising and many more. The daily cycle of 24 hours is separated into seven periods lasting roughly 3 hours and 25 minutes each. The cycle starts at 12 AM and is completed 24 hours later, where a new cycle begins. The day of the week determines which perdiod the new daily cycle starts with, meaning that the period of 7 AM on Monday is not the same as 7 AM on Friday.

The daily cycles as explained by H. Spencir Lewis

Fate Clock.png

The chart shows how the periods progress for each day of the week. For purpose of classification, each distinct period will be separated by colour in the following order:

Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue; Purple; Pink.

The circles each represent a day. The most inner circle is Sunday, which processes to Monday as the second inner circle and so on. The outermost circle is thus Saturday.

The Phase represents the time period within the 24 hour cycle. Each period is roughly 3 hours and 25 minutes each.

  • Phase 1 – Midnight to 03:25
  • Phase 2 – 03:25 to 06:51
  • Phase 3 – 06:51 to 10:17
  • Phase 4 – 10:17 to 13:42
  • Phase 5 – 13:42 to 17:08
  • Phase 6 – 17:08 to 20:34
  • Phase 7 – 20:34 to Midnight

Below are a few examples as to the effects of each period.

Fortunate: Dealing with high ranking people, financing, building a reputation, loaning.
Unfortunate: Impulsiveness, dealing with criminals, starting a business, signing contracts, marriage.

Fortunate: Art, music, sensuality, public affairs, new acquaintances, starting short journeys.
Unfortunate: Dealing with lower ranking people, starting long journeys.

Fortunate: Intellectual activity, publishing, legal arguments, therapy, medicine, building, recreation.
Unfortunate: dealing with enemies, marriage, mechanical problems, buying real-estate, deceit.

Fortunate: Material & business affairs, marriage, salesmen, ambition, education, planting.
Unfortunate: Signing legal papers, borrowing, asking for aid in business & social & personal life.

Fortunate: Activity of deep thoughts, legal affairs, persistence in all activity, literary work.
Unfortunate: Contracts, purchasing homes, planting, hiring, recreation, marriage.

Purple – Known as the Lucky Period
Fortunate: New undertakings, contracts, raising money, educational work, starting long journeys, court affairs, planning, seeking promotion.
Unfortunate: Impulsiveness, marine affairs.

Fortunate: Endurance for tasks, physical activity, sensual affairs, marine affairs, martial activity.
Unfortunate: Dealing with enemies, marriage, accidents, illness, medical affairs.

Lewis describes each daily period in more detail in Self Mastery & Fate With the Cycles of Life (click the link to go to download page). Keep an open mind when digesting this information and feel free to test it for yourself. The daily cycles provide an easy and interactive way to start embracing the Rhythms of Time. Keep in mind that other cycles also have an affect on life as Lewis explains, the daily cycle remains only a fraction of the larger cycles that humans are affected by.

The quest of predicting the future for the betterment of one’s life is admirable and enjoyable. Many times it may work more or less as expected and at other times not at all. Deciphering the fates through large astrological cycles and minor daily cycles can be a challenge and even grow into an obsession. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to realise when their intrigue has turned into a neurotic obsession, which can be just as detrimental as the knowledge can be helpful. It remains impractical to constantly try and alter the normal rhythm of one’s life to accommodate these cycles. Thus it remains best to keep these cycles in the back of one’s mind, only to fully utilise them when possible or practical.

A special thanks to AMORC for making this information freely available on their website.

I hope that this may aid you.

Keep well, Friends

Feutured Image by Andrew Shiva – Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)


Lewis, H., Spencer and Lewis, H. (2006) Self mastery and fate with the cycles of life. London, United Kingdom: Hesperides Pr.


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