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Plant Consciousness & Intelligence from a Spiritual and Scientific Perspective

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{SpiritMonkey} – Plant Consciousness & Intelligence from a Spiritual and Scientific Perspective

Mother Earth – Nature & Magic

Plant consciousness and intelligence is a topic of growing concern. As research into the consciousness of humans and animals advance, so does the research into plant consciousness. The concept intelligence is not a new concept as it is common in shamanism of old and new.

Folklore, myth and spiritual teachings are rife with tales of spirits within plants and the ability to communicate with them. In modern science, we refer to plant response as the Backster effect. Plants have been shown to interact and manipulate their environment in fascinating ways, and have even been shown to respond to human thought alone.

This video explores this fascinating world of plant consciousness from both a spiritual and scientific perspective.

Mother Earth – Nature & Magic (Announcement)

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I would like to announce that SpiritMonkey will be working on a project over the next couple of weeks. Mother Earth – Nature & Magic.

The project is in honor of mother earth. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be bringing you closer to understanding how mother earth functions, her processes, and the subtle magic that envelopes her beyond our normal sense.

The aim is to educate and open minds. Today, even more than in the past, people are shifting to spiritual and esoteric practices in their quest for higher knowledge and understanding.

Many want to know how to manipulate certain forces of nature and the universe in a magical sense. This is good news for all that I am concerned, however, I find that many wish to alter the natural processes without understanding how it works. Many simply jump into magical practice, without understanding the physical process involved.

For example, how can one learn geomancy, hydromancy and other forms of magical manipulation if one does not understand how the geosphere and hydrosphere work in the first place? Another example is people’s yearning to connect and communicate with fauna and flora, before again understanding much of the creature itself. This creates a

It is because of this clear interest in the workings of earth, its standard processes, and hidden forces, that SpiritMonkey will provide a basis for its understanding. By bringing forth both scientific and spiritual knowledge of planet earth, a new way of looking at Gaia will arise.

Nature – The Catalyst

Nature itself has been an obsession of mine since earliest memory and having worked in the field as a safari guide and field officer, I have given myself over to her embrace.

It was by spending so much time away from the human world, that I personally reclaimed my spiritual and magical way of thinking. The wilderness does not simply provide a pretty picture, but also the questions and answers to many of life’s riddles.

Within nature, one is more in tune to the essence of spirit itself. It is a well-known phenomenon that those who spend excessive stints in wilderness report increased amounts of interesting phenomena. This includes energy perception, increased intuition, astral projection and other fantastic phenomena that so many struggles to grasp.

In this way, nature serves as a catalyst for subtle energies to enter the mind and body, opening up a whole new realm of perception and personal wisdom. It is in honor of these experiences that were provided to me by mother earth that I intend to share my collection of knowledge and experience.

In the wise words of David AttenboroughDavid Att.png

I share this belief. That is why over the next couple of weeks, I will provide a basis for understanding the function of nature on a  scientific level and a spiritual level.

Keep a lookout.

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Wheels of Time – A Rosicrucian Daily Cycle of Self Mastery

The plane of time continues to slip our grasp both mentally and physically. A basic understanding of this phenomena has humanity contempt, however, this process that the Titan Chronos brings forth is riddled still, with questioned unanswered. We look to scientific theory, philosophy and the celestial clockwork in which we spin for answers. In our quest for reason, we aim to have a mastery over it. The reflection of time past, the feeling of now, and the uncertainty of where it leads remains one of humanities greatest challenges. We wish to understand our temporary experience and our its place in time. In science, mysticism and philosophy a primary goal is to predict its outcome. (more…)

Cultivating the Self for Psychic Empowerment – Rudolf Steiner’s Basic Exercises

A common theme in the vast collection of mystical scripture is that of elevating the consciousness of the individual alongside the development of psychic arts. Many of the mystics and schools of thought even provide a clear warning on the subject, stating that the mind, body, and soul must be steady and worthy in order to receive the true gifts of the psychic. That is why even in the religions and cults of today, initiation and rank are commonplace. Where then, can the esoteric student find a neutral source of guidance, that is neither dogmatic or occult? (more…)

The Magical Art of Odin and Freyja – The Seidr – An Old Norse Craft

The nordic mythology is rich in mystery and symbolism. The myths of Odin and the Norse cosmos can at times be directly related to common features in a multitude of mysteries and esoteric practices. The magic that Odin, the nordic all-father, uses is called Seidr meaning string or cord. It is a form of shamanism that was commonly practised among the priesthood of northern Europe, being most prevalent among woman. It was the practice of Seidr that bestowed the ability upon Odin to traverse up and down Yggdrasil with his steed Sleipnir, and between worlds in the pursuit of wisdom and immortality. This article will discuss certain Norse symbolism and their relation to common themes in the mysteries and esoteric arts. (more…)

{SpiritMonkey Video} – The Third Eye (First Eye) – Diet, Mindset, Technique and What to Expect

Latest SpiritMonkey Video

{SpiritMonkey} – The Third Eye (First Eye) – Diet, Mindset, Technique and What to Expect

Opening the Third Eye, Anja chakra or pineal gland can be done a multitude of ways. The techniques and practices to pry open the third eye is as diverse as esoteric and spiritual schools themselves.

There are, however, many factors that can aid in opening the third eye besides techniques. This includes diet, state of mind, environment and more.

This video explores these extra factors and basic technique of opening the third eye. It also provides insight into what to expect when the third eye is open.

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Plant Consciousness & Perception – The Science Behind the Slow Living

In 1966, Cleve Backster, an FBI agent focusing on interrogation and the use of polygraphs had quite a surprise when he placed PGR (psychogalvanic-reflex electrodes) at the leaf of a plant in his office. His discovery paved the way for further inquiry into the possibility of plant consciousness and how they react and perceive the outside world. His discovery soon turned into an obsession and urge to conduct further research on the topic, after which he looked and behaved differently toward the plant world. What Backster found is that plants are much more aware of the environment than we previously believed, to the extent that plants even react to human thoughts alone. This concept of intelligent or conscious plants is not new to human thinking, in fact, shamanism has been dealing with this concept since the early days of humanity. (more…)