Introduction to Energy Manipulation of the Human Body (Beginner).

Energy work will be one of the best ways to convince yourself that there are unseen forces that alter the state around us. We are electromagnetic beings, built out of nine-tenths bacteria. We are a collective of microorganisms that make our bodies work. The better we take care of them, the more energy we have and the better we can move this electromagnetic energy around our body. This has massive practical applications, such as Rei Ki and Qi Gong healing and other energy arts. If you are a sceptic of chi, qi or energy I suggest you go do more research. There are ample amounts of credible research that show the existence and effects of energy and how it can be applied medicinally. This section will cover the basics of how to feel and move energy around. This is quite fun once you have got it and you can feel the flow.

To feel the energy in your body is quite simple. Just like your hand gives off heat, it also gives off many other forms of radiation. Take this simple example. If you close two fingers in your hand and keep it as tight as possible and ask someone to use both his hands to pull it apart. It would be rather easy for them. Now, close your fingers again. Take your other hand with an open palm and lay it above your elbow at a few inches away from your arm. Feel the heat. Now visualise and feel that you are moving this energy to the tip of where your fingers are connecting. Move your hand slowly and do not touch your arm and hand. Repeat this process five times or more and then let the other person again try and open your fingers. They might be able to, but it will require a lot more strength and energy to separate. This means that you have successfully moved your energy to focus on and support your fingers.

Another fun exercise is to open your palms and keep them at about 12 inches or less apart. Feel the heat energy travelling between your palms, visualise in your mind that two forms of gentle drifting energies connect and become brighter and stronger. After a while you will feel as if there is a ball of energy in your hands, this is not simply heat , but a focused ball of energy. You are able to willfully with your mind give the ball a command or intended purpose. You can then spread this energy over your body to parts where you have an ache or tension, or send it away to someone else. With disciplined practice, you will eventually be able to see the ball of energy.

The following practice will allow you to become aware and sensitive to feeling the energy.

– Sit comfortably with a straight back. It would be best if you meditated beforehand, but that is not essential. It is recommended to keep your eyes closed at first, in order for you to feel the energy and not be distracted by your environment.
– Rub your palms together tightly and quickly for around 20 seconds.
– Then separate your hands slowly holding them close to one another and feel the heat. Imagine a line of energy slowly moving out of your hand and connecting with one another, then growing and continuously growing.
– Become aware of the sensations between your hands, for example warm, tingly, buzzing or static. Focus on this sensation and feel that there is minor resistance when you bring your hands closer together or further apart.
– It is important that you both believe and visualise that you can do this. If you pay close enough attention you will feel some form of energy between your palms. If you do not then repeat this exercise a couple of times until you are aware of the energy.

This is a very simple exercise that will not turn you into a master, but will allow any person to know that they do indeed have the capability to manipulate energy in their body. You should be able to feel energy passing through your hands rather quickly. You can play around with this energy and spread it over the parts of your body where you may wish to repair yourself. I seriously recommend that if you were intrigued by energy manipulation that you research Rei Ki or Qi Gong. These are two fantastic practices for energy healing and focus.

Our energy field or Aura had it’s first western investigations done by Walter Kilner of St. Thomas Hospital in London in 1911. He proclaimed that when looking through the correct color-glass screens one can see different shapes and colours of an electric field around the human body. A thermographic image is able to clearly show a radiation of not just heat around humans but is even used in medicine to detect the presence of tumours and other ailments. This energy is produced by us. Each microorganism that runs our microbiological system gives off a charge of electricity and certain waves more unique to it. All this energy can be directed and moved about the body, kick-starting other cells along the way and strengthening others. I will not go into detail about how to visually see these energies in this article, but the exercises are not difficult, however, does require some practice.

With this newly given gift, I implore you to study and practice it further as it is not just simply fun, but powerful. It has the ability to heal when one is specialised enough and well trained in the matter. There are many applications for energy transfer, but you can also read up about that in your own time.


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