Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection

Dreams have fascinated mankind for millennia in both spiritual practice and scientific research. Probably the most famous figure in current times who tried to get a greater understanding of dreams is Carl Jung. Carl Jung focused much of his work on the conscious and sub-conscious mind, how they interact and how can we interpret the data. The dream realm is a fun place more than anything, but once you have learned how to focus energy and intent into specific aspects of your dreams, you will be greatly rewarded and spiritually empowered. Here are some basic ways of improving your dream quality and frequency, which should lead to lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Lucid dreaming and Astral projection have stopped being a myth since the 1970’s when the academic world realized that the phenomena is real and can be developed. Many techniques exist to start you on your way to dream magic. Michael Raduga, author of The Phase – A Practical Handbook states that any person can have an experience in ‘The Phase’ as he calls it, within a couple of days. He explains that the ‘the phase’ is a state between REM sleep and waking consciousness and that with simple techniques one can master separating yourself into the ‘astral sea’ or ‘the phase’ from your body. In this section, I will cover some basic practices, physical items and herbal help that will aid you on your way to uncovering the beauty of oneiromancy or dream magic.

A lucid dream is a dream in which the person knows that they are in the dream state and in many cases become able to alter the dream or wake themselves up. Astral projection, however, is the sensation where you feel as if your astral body leaves your physical body behind for you to move around the real world or into the astral dream worlds where you can be completely in control of where you go and who you speak to. It is another plane where anything is possible and all places accessible. If you wish to go further into the magical arts, it is also a great place to have face to face encounters with other dimensional beings of good, neutral or bad. I encourage you to further study this topic in your own time as there is much to explore and know.

Before we speak about the exercises, I think it is important to mention other little helpers for your dream state journeys. Dream tea or Ubulawu as it is known in South Africa is a tea mixture made from any oneirogenic plant or plants with chemicals to help with dream recall, lucid dreaming, astral projection or dream precognition. Examples of herbs that one can use are Silene capensis, Artemisia vulgaris, Calea zacatchichi and Vachellia xanthophloea. Please read up about these plants extensively before you choose to use them for oneiromancy to prevent any possible negative side effects. Another surprisingly good way of increasing dream state vividness and astral projective power is the use of certain crystals. I will not go into detail about how and why crystals work the way they do, but believe me they do, never underestimate crystals. Using certain crystals and placing them under your pillow or matters, or wearing it as a pendant or charm as you sleep will enhance your dreams and phase state interaction to a surprising extent. Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, Hemimorphite, Dream Quartz and Scolecite are all powerful stones to help you explore the astral realm and aid you in remembering what happened in The Phase. Also using orgonite pyramids or pendants, that channel orgone energy, will allow for greater ease into the phase and more vivid experience overall. I highly recommend using these above methods too as it will boost you if used in conjunction.

Each person has their own method when it comes to entering the astral plane or the phase. Many practice methods exist out there and many works, but some fail as they may just not be suited to that specific individual. The following methods are the ones I use and recommend. They were developed by using multiple sources and altered to suit any beginner. They are basic methods you can quickly understand and then edit as you progress or see fit.

– The night beforehand you must affirm and visualize the fact that you are going to separate from your physical body and fly through the astral sea. Affirm this for about five minutes and calmly drift away in the thought, affirmation and visualization until you fall asleep. This will help you imbue the thought into your conscious and sub-conscious mind. You may instead want to meditate on the thought of traveling the astral realm instead of the five-minute affirmation. This is not a problem at all, both can work.
– Now if you do not experience anything out of the ordinary do not worry, the practice starts the next morning when you wake up. This is when you will try first enter the astral state.
– When you wake up, instead of moving and opening your eyes, keep them closed and lay motionless. Then start with the following methods of trying to loosen your astral body from your physical body. Often, a high vibrational energy can be felt at the crown of your head, as if something is trying to loosen itself.
– Method One: Once you feel awake. Feel yourself sitting upright in an instant, leaving your physical body behind. It will feel as if there is a separation, this sensation is unmistakable, but do not force this movement on your physical muscles. This is at times accompanied by a feeling of being thrown through the roof and into the atmosphere and even space. The first times you may fall back into your own body. Do not be disappointed, this means that you are getting there.
– Method Two: Once you feel awake. Slowly release any tension to you physical body by slowly wriggling your astral body and gently climbing out. You will have the sensation of movement, but there will be a distinct dreamlike experience and you will feel much lighter and the area different.
– Method Three: Once you feel awake. Imagine you are spinning either clockwise, counterclockwise or both and being blown up into the air until you feel separation from your body.
– Method Four: Once you feel awake. Stay still and calm and start to focus on any images that you can see in your vision. Do not focus on them, but just keep looking. Imagine that the pictures are becoming clearer and that the environment is rippling gently into your surroundings.

Try each of the above methods in turn and see which works best for you. You may also develop your own way of separating. Try not to be forceful, you will only achieve this by letting go. Essentially you want to convince your mind with visualization and sensation that your astral body is coming loose from your physical body or simply that it is the body that your conscious mind is currently occupying. Also, remember not to be afraid. Whatever happens in the dream state, you are still safe and protected. With that said, if you wish to bless or feel that you may need higher protection from a source, then ask for it beforehand. Also, try and make a visit to the said source of inspiration and protection once you start traveling the astral world.



Raduga, M. (2014) The phase: A practical guidebook for lucid dreaming and out-of-body travel. United States: Createspace.


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