The Power of Pyramids

For those of you who like alternative culture and science, you may have heard about the power of the pyramid shape. If you have not, perhaps you will find this rather interesting, as more research has been conducted on the subject over the last couple of decades. What we have discovered or perhaps rediscovered is the remarkable and beneficial effects that a pyramid has to offer for a diverse number of applications such as food preservation, enhanced plant growth, and spiritual empowerment. The study of pyramid power in modern times started with a man named Antoine Bovis when in 1920 he noticed that in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid dead animals did not decay, but were rather preserved through the process of dehydration, causing mummification. After Bovis’ personal experimentation concerning this discovery, many more curious scientists and enthusiasts have noted strange phenomena and practical applications of the pyramid’s power, as I will reveal in the article.

Our modern obsession with the pyramids are intriguing in itself, for millennia have we admired and marveled at the Pyramids of Giza and elsewhere, trying to understand what it really is for. Modern academia has their view, but this view is being challenged today more than ever by people that feel unsatisfied with the basic answers. Whatever, whoever, or why is not important now, but the fact that we have discovered this strange phenomenon is the exciting bit. A member of the Great Pyramid Research Association, Joe Parr an engineer found that in the pyramid’s geometric center is where the power is focused, this geometric center is one-third up in the height of the center of the pyramid. He also notes that the pyramid has an orb like energy field around this center that radiates outside of the pyramid and acts like a shield for negativity. He states that the pyramid must be aligned with magnetic north for the maximum amount of energy to flow in and out of the pyramid.

Experimentation on plants has yielded a great result. One experiment involved placing water underneath a pyramid that was used to water plants, conducted by James Raymund Wolfe, had in every case of using both controlled and regular water plants growing faster with pyramid enhanced water. They also produced richer yield and had an overall increase in nutritional value. At the Psychical Research Society, Jules Green discovered that when she placed tulips and roses in a pyramid frame while others were kept outside the frame, by the time the flowers on the outside had withered the other flowers in the pyramid were still healthy. Some flowers even showed signs of improvement through growth. Dr. Patrick Flanagan, another big figure in pyramid research validates these finding and states that not only do seeds improve in numbers germinating, but also the speed of growth, size, and quality, but also remain pest free. Dr.Flanagan, just as Antoine Bovis, states that preservation occurs within the pyramid. Dr. Flanagan states that food placed in a pyramid frame is preserved for a much longer period through the process of dehydration. The food is dehydrated and before entropy occurs where bacteria would start to break down the food, there is not sufficient or any matter for them to feed on. This effect is similar to the one that has been reported to happen at stone henge, where food takes longer to decay. The food is also reportedly enhanced, by sweet foods being sweeter, bitter foods milder and that coffee tastes acid-free.

Keral Drbal, found that when one placed a razor in the geometric center of the pyramid the razor will once again sharpen within a weeks time and then remain sharp if kept in the pyramid. He theorized that the magnetic waves traveling through the pyramid cause the metals of the razor so slip back into place as if it is recrystallizing. These effects have been verified by many other researchers, both academic and amateur. Many big questions remain, such as what effect does it have on people and how does it work. Well, for now, I can say that yes, there are a couple of fascinating and practical applications for the human being. As I will now explain.

Health and spiritual benefits have been found when people are around and inside a pyramid for a period of time. For health, it is used in a very similar way as crystals if the pyramid is small. Such as putting it over a cut or burn to alter the energy flow and speed up the healing process as shown by Dr. Flanagan and Authors of The Secret Power of the Pyramids, Bill Schul and Ed Pettit. In The Secret Power of the Pyramids, it states that people who sit underneath the pyramid receive relief from many different ailments including bruises, strains, and even infection. It is also reported that the overall micro-biological function of the person is improved and that they feel an overall sense of well-being as if they had been charged. This is a great way to start up or boost your internal systems healing process and keep it in a healthy state. Similar effects are found in the work of Wilhelm Reich, who spent a lifetime studying the phenomenon and energy that he called orgone energy. Among Reich’s many inventions was an orgone energy accumulator, boxes that attract orgone energy out of surrounding space and focus them inside the box. Other inventions also include pyramidal shaped orgone devices that clear the surrounding area of negative energy.

A variety of pyramid types is used in meditation. The most common modern-day pyramids are made from copper (or other conductive material) that is large enough for a single person to comfortably sit in. There are also smaller pyramids made of the same materials in a small frame to fit over a person’s head. Meditation in a pyramid may have several prevalent effects on the person meditating, such as a sense of electric tingling, warmness, weightlessness, relaxation, deeper meditation, higher energy levels and vividness of visualization. The pyramid helps block out the outside world for an easier slip into meditation and helps balance chakra energy imbalances. I highly recommend that any person interested in the power of pyramids to get a frame and start meditating inside of it, you will certainly feel the difference.

Humanity’s curiosity toward the pyramid is not slipping into the past but is ever more present today than ever before as more unanswered questions arise out of new findings. I am sure that we will use the innate power of the pyramid for many future applications that may help better humanity, all we require is some understanding and those willing to listen. Use the pyramid to preserve food, charge crystals, charge water, help plants grow and clear the area of negativity. Use this basic but powerful shape to enrich your life and empower your psychic awareness to levels that you may not have experienced before.


Keep well friends.

Spirit Monkey


Keep well friends.

Spirit Monkey


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