SpiritMonkey – Our Philosophy

In modern times we are surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and communication about all manner of things scientific and spiritual. Often when searching for answers on spirituality, it becomes difficult to sift through nonsense, propaganda, occultism and superstition. Unfortunately, this at times causes people to abandon the spiritual path altogether as so much of it is contradictory and at times even seems silly. What a pity I believe. We are all on our own path through life and spiritual understanding. I hope to clarify our standpoint at SpiritMonkey concerning the information we provide and what you can do with it.


I see too often how people try and label their spiritual thoughts and path by joining certain organizations such as old and new Occult groups, Druidic groups, Wicca covens and other sects or philosophies. We do not believe these organizations are bad, and if it resonates with you go forth and explore, grow and learn all you can. Many people however, do not wish to tie themselves to a specific group for whatever reason, but would rather label themselves as spiritual or psychic individuals. SpiritMonkey falls is this category. The information we try and provide is not of old archaic origins unless otherwise stated. We try and provide as much of a common ground for both science and the metaphysical thought as possible, trying instead to identify the physical, mental and spiritual findings from a scientific view. We do this in order to help people understand what is effective in developing psychic skill and where in recorded history and academia, accurate and reliable information is provided. By providing this information and means to people interested in psychic and spiritual development, they are free to follow their own path or understanding in these topics. Instead of being tied and forced to follow a certain group’s ideology and practice.

Of course, a certain type of discipline and understanding is required in order to develop yourself spiritually and psychically. Preferably a philosophy is also present, one that prefers good over evil or darkness. You can use it for either purpose however, nothing is black and white. Between each is extreme is an infinite amount of gray, a scale of neutrality that most things exist on and experience. One can move either way on this scale, but a path more inclined to light seems to only elevate us in a true spiritual fashion. We do not care if you are of any type of religion, group, guild or philosophy, all we ask is for you to strive for good and true self-empowerment.With that said, let me elaborate on some personal experience as someone who from an early age has had paranormal experiences. I believe most people have them, but many fail to see what it is and can mean for them.

Here is a synopsis. Astral projection was certainly the first very vivid, exciting, sometimes scary but overall insanely fun and meaningful phenomenon I experienced rather frequently when I was young and still do every so often to this day. This is an amazing ability that we can experience, that when taken control of can be used to see and do beautiful things. Deep meditation, visualization and getting into different states of mind, has been a very powerful tool in developing spiritually for me. Along with chants, mantras, affirmations and the power of I AM, it becomes easy to manifest certain things within and without. I quickly discovered by exploring certain psychic phenomenon, and willful practice of it, that I was able to do it until I stopped practicing it. This includes, moments of clairvoyance, telepathy, inner communication, outer communication, seeing energy and experiencing moments of pure tranquility. As a child I also discovered how valuable energy work and feeling the energy in your body can be, and how this relates to ones diet. Fascinated by feeling energy and being able to see and move it around the body kept me entertained for long when I was a child, and continues to this day. Using crystals, sacred geometric structures and art, incense, pendulums and other objects have helped along the journey, especially once I improved my intuition and ability to feel and manipulate energy to some extent. I am no master monk or mage, but in the modern world, I believe we all can use our innate psychic ability to do amazing things and develop ourselves further.

Many people have experienced the above phenomenon and much, much more. Some people dedicate their lives to try and understand, develop and empower themselves and others psychically and spiritually, because they see the power and beauty that it holds. Others study these powers in secret to ensure the ways cannot be learned by the outsider or uninitiated, while others speak of it in plain sight to try and spread their wisdom through various philosophies. When we look beyond a single philosophy or religion, we find that almost all of them have underlying similarities that seem to be much more that coincidence. Instead of following a single philosophy, the gnostic, mystic, truth seeker or whatever you wish to call it, identifies the wisdom’s and underlying teachings of those religions and philosophies. The gnostic wishes to rid the spiritual growth process of any superstition, occult or silly practice to find spiritual truth. The old teachings and philosophies have many brilliant things that we can learn from it, such the old Hermetic teachings, Vedic scriptures, Egyptian mysticism and Kabbalistic arts among many others. These teachings however, are old and written in times where science was not as well developed as today. Science today, seems not to deliver the comfort it once did as we now have to argue between two sets of mathematics namely, quantum theory and the theory of relativity. It was already in the year 1900 when the German physicist Max Planck found that radiant energy is made up of what they called the “quantum”. Since then science has given us many exciting new questions as to the nature of our reality. Luckily today, there are scientists who show how science in conjunction with spiritual thought can change the way we think and live on this planet for the better, such as the work of Dr. Nassim Haramein and his theories on a connected universe and universal consciousness.

In the field of metaphysics, humanity has been evolving in the background of popular science. In both military and academic institutions psychic phenomenon have been studied, validated and developed. All over the world, academic and independent institutions publish their finds on metaphysical phenomenon and it is slowly creeping its way into mainstream thought. For example the work of Joe H. Slate Ph.D at the university of Athens that published many finds on psychic faculty and how to develop it. The once thought to be myths and naive explanations for many phenomena are now being shown to be real, such as telepathy, astral projection, pendulum and dowsing, remote viewing, energy healing, clairvoyance and much more. This should be celebrated, not shunned or feared. Could you imagine a world where not some, but all people have psychic faculty. It can be the most beautiful thing our species achieves. We all have this psychic ability that when we start to nurture it, we flower and receive the full spectrum of rewards.

To conclude, SpiritMonkey is not tied to any religion, cult, group or organization. Instead, we wish to provide an array of reliable information concerning the spiritual, psychic and metaphysical fields by incorporating both philosophy and science into a single thought. The power to advance personally, spiritually and psychically is within us all and is our right to grasp hold of and embrace. Along with the teachings of old and discoveries of new, humanity has a choice of where it will be in the future and what the state of things will be. I implore you, develop the gift that was given to you, you already have it.

Learn as much as you can.


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