Pendulum & Rod Dowsing

Divination by means pendulum and rod dowsing is an age-old practice that is still being utilized today by some unexpected institutions. From finding water, gold, and traps to obtaining answers from within and from the cosmos, pendulums have a wide variety of uses and like many psychic or extra-sensory phenomenon is ever growing in our recent age. In this article, I will provide information on the common applications of dowsing, reliable sources and a quick touch on how you can start using a pendulum. I do, however, encourage anyone who wishes to develop this skill to refer to more in-depth resources detailing the correct ways of practicing these powerful methods of dowsing.

In the book Supernature, by Dr. Lyall Watson he states the following, ‘Every major water and pipeline company in the United States has a dowser on its payroll. The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture employs a permanent dowser. UNESCO has engaged a Dutch dowser and geologist to pursue official investigations for them. Engineers from the U.S. First and Third Marine divisions in Vietnam have been trained to use dowsing rods to locate booby traps and sunken mortar shells…’ The list goes on. He continues by stating that thousands of tests were done by hydrologists and geologists in conjunction with the Red Army, where they showed among other interesting facts that in some tests the dowsers were able to locate copper, zinc, and gold located up to 240 feet below the earth’s surface. One thing that all experiments from around the world concluded, was the rod or pendulum cannot act on its own, but requires to handled by a living person. The individual is the catalyst for information through dowsing.

Raymond C. Willey, an engineer and a founding member of the American Society of Dowsers defines the practice in the book Modern Dowsing by stating that “Dowsing is the exercise of a human faculty, which allows one to obtain information in a manner beyond the scope and power of the standard human physical senses of sight, sound, touch etc.” The origin of the information received through a pendulum and rod dowsing continues to be debated by its practitioners. One theory states that the individual who dowses has an innate sensitivity to electromagnetic changes in their environment and within their bodies. Each different element and object have a unique resonant frequency that it gives off. This frequency and unique ‘feel’ of the object is what the dowser tunes into to locate what they are looking for. Other dowsers argue that the rod or pendulum acts as a messenger for information that is willfully tapped into, but resides on other dimensional planes, such as the Akashic Records. We are growing ever more aware that matter, energy, and consciousness are interlinked and in infinite supply, see the work of Dr. Nassim Haramein and his theory of energy, consciousness, and the unified field. The rod or pendulum is thus not the receiver but the item or method in which the information becomes perceivable by the user, while the dowser is the receiver or catalyst of the information. The pendulum or rod, however, still acts as a tool to amplify the receptivity of information received by interacting with the electromagnetic or auric field of the dowser. Remember that tools used in any practice, from divination to art and archery, to effectiveness of the tool, remains in the hands of the individual using it. Dowsing is also a skill that requires practice and understanding to develop.

Dowsing is used in modern practice for a variety of application such as in industry, military, and forensics to name a few. Industry often uses it to locate minerals that they require for excavation, to see where pipelines and underground cables are located, often before the use of technological equipment. In the military, it is used to locate hidden traps, dangers, and strategic locations. The recent military practice of dowsing is seen in the second world war where locating minefields were of great importance to preserve the lives of soldiers. The use of dowsing for military application still continues to this day. In forensics, it is primarily used to locate things such as buried bodies, hidden murder weapons and missing people with great success. The list goes on and on. Pendulum dowsing is also used in alternative medicine and energy practice, such as Rei-ki. The pendulum is used to identify certain health problem areas within the body, then  used by the practitioner to determine the cause and root of the health problem. This is done first by hovering the pendulum over the patient’s body and after the area is identified, the typical question and counting methods determine the cause by giving the yes or no answers or by counting a number of confirmations.

In the modern age of interconnection and global communication, dowsing is on the rise as interest in the subject grows and people are opening their mind to the idea that there is a great power to be found within themselves. Rods are pendulums are great tools for any person who wants to improve their psychic ability, as it is not complex and easy to get the hang of, but improves greatly with more and more practice. When holding a rod or pendulum, a question or thought is held in the mind. Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate PhD. in their book *The Llewellyn Complete Guide of Psychic Empowerment explains that the pendulum or dowsing rod acts as an extension of the self, and that when held in one’s hand with a conscious question, the body receives subconscious electrical impulses that make the muscles respond in a certain way.

This involuntary impulse is what causes the rod or pendulum to move, responding to the conscious question held. In the case of a pendulum, it will provide a yes, no or neutral answer. The direction that the pendulum swings clockwise or anti-clockwise represents the yes or no answer desired. It may also remain still and not give an answer at times. Do not purposefully swing the pendulum to one side or the other, but concentrate on the question and your subconscious mind will provide the movement. The direction that pendulum swings for yes or no are not universal, but changes from person to person. One must first try and determine which directions are positive or negative for oneself, by asking basic questions that you can get the answer for or that you already have. Remember that you must keep the pendulum at least a couple of inches away from your body as it will interact with your energetic field, which in many cases changes the direction that the pendulum will swing. Once you have practiced with the pendulum and gotten used to the yes, no and nothing answers to basic questions. You may start to do advanced practices, such as using it to determine whether or not your body requires certain minerals by hovering the pendulum above it or using it along with a map to find locations of things desired. I will not go into further detail on how the advanced practices are done as many good sources cover it in detail.

To conclude, dowsing is a phenomenon that is still being used to this day by respectable institutions and studied in detail around the world. The application of dowsing is diverse and can help oneself communicate with your innermost subconscious mind and the cosmic super-consciousness. It taps into information that we do not have access to with our limited senses and is a powerful way of advancing one’s own psychic ability. With a little practice, anyone can learn to use the pendulum and realize its power for themselves. The more one practices, as with any skill, the better you will be able to utilize this incredible tool.

Be well friends.


Be well friends.


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