Month: April 2016

The Power of Pyramids

For those of you who like alternative culture and science, you may have heard about the power of the pyramid shape. If you have not, perhaps you will find this rather interesting, as more research has been conducted on the subject over the last couple of decades. What we have discovered or perhaps rediscovered is the remarkable and beneficial effects that a pyramid has to offer for a diverse number of applications such as food preservation, enhanced plant growth, and spiritual empowerment. The study of pyramid power in modern times started with a man named Antoine Bovis when in 1920 he noticed that in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid dead animals did not decay, but were rather preserved through the process of dehydration, causing mummification. After Bovis’ personal experimentation concerning this discovery, many more curious scientists and enthusiasts have noted strange phenomena and practical applications of the pyramid’s power, as I will reveal in the article.


Pendulum & Rod Dowsing

Divination by means pendulum and rod dowsing is an age-old practice that is still being utilized today by some unexpected institutions. From finding water, gold, and traps to obtaining answers from within and from the cosmos, pendulums have a wide variety of uses and like many psychic or extra-sensory phenomenon is ever growing in our recent age. In this article, I will provide information on the common applications of dowsing, reliable sources and a quick touch on how you can start using a pendulum. I do, however, encourage anyone who wishes to develop this skill to refer to more in-depth resources detailing the correct ways of practicing these powerful methods of dowsing.


SpiritMonkey – Our Philosophy

In modern times we are surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and communication about all manner of things scientific and spiritual. Often when searching for answers on spirituality, it becomes difficult to sift through nonsense, propaganda, occultism and superstition. Unfortunately, this at times causes people to abandon the spiritual path altogether as so much of it is contradictory and at times even seems silly. What a pity I believe. We are all on our own path through life and spiritual understanding. I hope to clarify our standpoint at SpiritMonkey concerning the information we provide and what you can do with it.